Today we learned of the passing of Chief Rick Todd of the Salem Fire Department. We all share in the loss of this amazing man. Our most heart felt condolences and prayers for the family and for everyone Chief Todd touched in his life.

Climber Rescued

Responding from Star City Volunteer Fire Department: Assistant Chief Dakota Jones, Safety Officer John Hitchens, Firefighter Mitch Rusiecki, Firefighter Megan Simmons.

Departments Involved:
Cheat Lake Fire Department
Brookhaven Fire Department
Star City Fire Department
Granville Fire Department
Monongalia EMS
Monongalia Co Sheriff’s Department
WV Department of Highways
WV Division of Natural Resources

“Patient care first”

Meet our Medical Director: Dr. Katie Hill. She spent her day with us, put the crews through some scenarios and provided lunch. Dr. Hill could have spent her day off doing anything she wanted, however, she spent it helping to make us better for the community we serve. Thank you Dr. Hill for all you do for us and the constant involvement you have with our organization. Yes, that’s her on a backboard. “Patient care first”