Structure Fire – Colasante’s Restaurant

10395832_G4/23/16: At approximately 0330 Company 20 was alerted 3rd due to respond with Companies 23, 17, and 19 for a commercial/restaurant fire at Colasante’s Restaurant. This was the second working structure fire for the members of Company 20 within the past 24 hours. All companies on scene worked diligently to contain and extinguish the fire which resulted in minimal fire and smoke damage to the restaurant and bar portion of the structure. However, crews on scene also had to work to extinguish fire in an apartment and small office that was attached to the restaurant which was heavily damaged during the incident. Colasante’s restaurant is family owned and has been a mainstay of the greater Morgantown community for over 40 years. During interviews with local news crews after the incident the Colasante family have made intentions to rebuild and reopen the restaurant as soon as they can. Units remained on scene until the early morning hours to complete extinguishment of primary fire and hot spots, salvage and overhaul before returning to service.

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Structure Fire – Brookhaven Road

20160422_1140414/22/16: Company 20 was alerted to assist Company 12 with a structure fire off of Brookhaven Road. Engine 201 and Unit 202 responded to the incident and was tasked by Command 12 with ventilation, pulling ceiling to check for hot spots/extension, and replacement hoseline operations for first arriving units on scene. Due to the quick and efficient work of all units on scene the fire was able to be contained quickly and much of the homeowner’s possessions were able to be salvaged after the fire was extinguished. Company 20 units spent approximately three hours on scene and then were returned to service by Command 12. A special thanks to Mon EMS for responding to scene with their newly acquired rehabilitation trailer to assist fire personnel on scene.

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Vote ‘YES’ on the Monongalia Co. Fire Levy

May 10th is fast approaching! Be sure to tell everyone you know and also turn out to vote ‘YES’ for the Monongalia County Volunteer Fire Levy. With only 1 full and 1 partial paid fire department in the county the vast majority of citizens in Monongalia County are covered by your friends and neighbors, citizen volunteers, to protect your life and property.  Without the funding associated with the levy our departments will not be able to replace and/or repair our aging equipment and in the most dire of circumstances will have to reduce services or dissolve the department entirely. In the case of your local department closing your home insurance coverage is in jeopardy of being dropped or significantly increased due to being seen as an ‘unprotected’ structure. HELP US, HELP YOU on May 10th and vote ‘YES’.fl

4/13/16: Structure fire – River Road


4/13/16: In the early hours of 4/13/16 Company 20 units were alerted 4th due to a confirmed structure fire with possible entrapment on Tram Street off of River Road. Engine 201 responded with six and Unit 202 responded with two for a manpower and water supply assignment. While en route to the incident, tanker shuttle operations were established on scene and Company 20’s assignment was updated to a manpower to scene with Engine on standby at the hydrant assignment. Upon arrival, Engine 201 and DPO stood by at the water source while 201 and 202’s personnel reported to Command 19’s position for individual assignment. Company 20 personnel performed various fireground duties as assigned and then were returned to service by Command 19 after approximately four hours on scene.

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4/12/16: Structure fire – Broadway Avenue


4/12/16: Company 20 was alerted for a structure fire on Broadway Avenue in Star City. Initial reports from callers indicated a small fire outside the structure started by brush and a cigarette. Star City PD units, who were immediately in the area, updated MECCA that the fire had been extinguished by the homeowner utilizing a garden hose and did not appear to have extended into the structure. As a result, Company 20 command returned Companies 17 and 23 who were responding to normal service. Command 206 and Engine 201 arrived on scene to investigate and found the structure as reported by Star City PD units. Company 20 personnel assured that there had not been further extension into the structure, assisted the homeowner with light overhaul and then returned to service.

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Community smoke detector outreach


Smoke detectors save lives. A September 2015 report released by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) discovered that from 2009-2013, 38% of fire-related deaths were attributed to the lack of smoke detectors in the home. Additionally, the study also indicated that an additional 21% of fire-related deaths occurred because smoke detectors were present in the home, but were not operating correctly.

On April 23rd, the Star City Volunteer Fire Department, in partnership with the American Red Cross, will be providing free smoke detectors and installation to any residence within our response area.

If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact the station at 304-599-1539.…/fire-sa…/smoke-alarms-in-us-home-fires

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Get out and STAY OUT


Fire experts agree that on average you only have between 2-3 minutes to evacuate your residence during a structure fire before it is too late to escape. According to the American Red Cross seven people are killed and thirty-six people seriously injured per day as a result of a fire in a place of residence. Luckily, there are ‘easy’ steps that can be taken to dramatically increase the likelihood that you and your family can escape/survive should your place of residence be involved in a fire.

Smoke detectors

  1. Install smoke detectors on each level of your residence and outside of all sleeping areas.
  2. Check the batteries of each detector once a month and change the batteries twice a year (when you change your clocks for daylight savings time).
  3. If your smoke detector alarms: Follow your evacuation plan, get out and STAY OUT until investigated by your local fire department.

Exit Drills In The Home

  1. Make a home escape plan and practice it. You can survive if you know what to do when you hear the smoke alarm.

Plan Your Escape

  1. Draw a floor plan of your home.
  2. Show two ways out of each room.
  3. Agree on an outside meeting place in front of your home where everyone will gather after they’ve escaped.
  4. Practice! Hold home fire drills. Make them realistic by pretending some exits are blocked by smoke or fire.
  5. Provide alternatives for anyone with a disability.
  6. A fire is not a race. Leave quickly but DO NOT RUN!

Be Prepared

  1. Can everyone in your home unlock and open windows?
  2. If your windows have security bars, are they equipped with inside quick release devices?
  3. Can children reach and open all door and window locks?

If you live in an apartment building…

  1. Learn and practice your building’s evacuation plan.
  2. If you hear a fire alarm, leave immediately.
  3. Use the stairs – never use elevators during a fire.
  4. Know the location of all building exits and fire alarms.
  5. If exits are locked or blocked, report the problem to your building’s management.

Escape Tips

  1. Close doors behind you as you escape to slow the spread of fire and smoke.
  2. If you have to escape through smoke, crawl, keeping your head no more than one to two feet above the floor, where air will be the cleanest.
  3. Test door knobs and spaces around the door with the back of your hand. If the door is warm, try another escape route. If it is cool, open it slowly. Slam it shut if smoke pours through.

Get Out and Stay Out: Once you escape a fire, DO NOT GO BACK INSIDE FOR ANY REASON!


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2016 1st Quarter Stats


2016’s first quarter stats are in! Top 10 responders for the 1st quarter are:

  1. Firefighter/Duty Crew Officer Jared Lamb: 121
  2. Firefighter Jake Peretin: 113
  3. Firefighter Zach Karn: 85
  4. Lieutenant Justin Knotts: 82
  5. Lieutenant Sam Hannah: 73
  6. Chief Kris Osecky: 73
  7. Firefighter/Duty Crew Officer Brian Sites: 68
  8. Firefighter/EMT Megan Simmons: 61
  9. Captain Ethan Bailey: 51
  10. Firefighter/EMT Dennis Chaney: 50

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