New equipment placed in service to help our community

From The Dominion Post:

STAR CITY — The Star City Volunteer Fire Department (SCVFD) has made a significant investment for the community this month.

In an effort to provide better care to those suffering cardiac emergencies in Star City and surrounding areas, SCVFD has purchased an AutoPulse Resuscitation System, also known as an automated CPR device. The SCVFD also purchased five new state-of-the-art monitors/defibrillators, which the agency’s EMS division will be using.

SCVFD invested about $25,000 per monitor/defibrillator, and an additional $25,000 for the AutoPulse Resuscitation System.

“This is the only device of its kind being used by fire departments in Monongalia County,” EMS administrator John Hitchens said.

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