Rope Rescue near Star City bridge

At 2306 on 03/04/21, Co. 20 was dispatched for the rescue of an individual who had fallen down the hillside adjacent to Monongahela Boulevard. Upon assessing the situation, crews determined that an alternate means of access to the patient would need to be found. Rescue crews relocated to the Chilis parking lot at University Town Center and began to forge a path to the patient through the woods located nearby. After navigating various hazards such as steep terrain, cold weather conditions, and low visibility, access to the patient was finally achieved. The patient had suffered injuries from the fall and was not able to self-extricate or assist in their rescue. As a a result, it was determined that the best course of action would be to transition them to a Stokes basket and perform a technical rescue by descending the hillside. Ladder 176 was positioned on Monongahela Boulevard and extended to be used as a means to lower the patient from the hillside to an ambulance on the roadway. After approximately four hours on scene, the rescue plan was successfully executed and the patient was transferred to an ambulance for further evaluation and transport to the hospital.

Special thanks to all agencies involved in this incident:

Granville FD
Granville PD
Monongalia EMS
Monongalia Sheriffs Office
Star City PD
Star City VFD
West Virginia State Police