Monongalia County residents vote “YES” for fire protection


5/10/16 – Monongalia County residents turned out during election day to support the county fire levy by a resounding 18,025 to 6,015 vote. As fellow citizens within the community we recognize that each dollar spent must be carefully examined during these difficult economic times. Thankfully the citizens of Monongalia County recognize the need and value of each volunteer fire department as we strive to serve and protect the citizens and visitors of Monongalia County. The funds apportioned to each department will be used judiciously to help comply with NFPA guidelines, to repair/replace aging apparatus, purchase new life saving equipment, replace worn and/or aging personal protective equipment and to maintain the facilities of our departments. On behalf of the Star City Volunteer Fire Department and all the departments of Monongalia County, we, your citizen volunteers, appreciate your continued support as we stand ready to serve those in need.

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