“Fire is everyone’s fight”

“Fire is Everyone’s Fight” is a FEMA program designed to unite the fire service, civilians and many others in a collaborative effort to reduce home fire injuries, deaths and property loss. FEMA estimates that 16,000 people are killed/injured by fire every year. The most common cause of fire is cooking.

Simple steps to take to help prevent fire and related injury while cooking are:

  1. Be as cautious as possible while cooking and baking.
  2. Do not wear loose fitting clothes while cooking.
  3. Keep a “3 foot kid free zone” around all cooking areas.
  4. Keep all burnable materials clear of all hot surfaces / open flame.
  5. Turn pot/pan handles in.

SMOKE DETECTORS SAVE LIVES!! Make sure to install smoke detectors inside and outside all sleeping rooms as well as on every level of your home with hard wired detectors with battery backup being the best option. Make sure to test all detectors once a month and change batteries every six months.

Seconds count in case of a fire emergency. Make sure to establish and practice multiple routes to escape your home in case of a fire. Once safely out of your home GET OUT, STAY OUT and do not re-enter the structure for ANY reason.

Below is a short video presented by FEMA and the United States Fire Administration that you can share with your friends and family to help educate them about the dangers of fire.


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