EMS Week 2021

Today marks Day One of EMS Week. Here at Star City Fire & EMS we are so proud and appreciate each and every one of our EMS Staff.

EMS Week started 46 years ago to honor the unsung heros of the EMS Profession. Today, on what is hopefully the heels of the COVID pandemic, EMS has taken on every challenge, accomplished every mission, and placed others before self every single time.

It is this dedication that we take some special time this week to show our appreciation to not only our own EMS providers, but all those we have the honor of calling our partners in this noble quest of public service, most notably Mon EMS, WVU Children’s Hospital, and HealthNet Aeromedical, just to name a few.

On duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week our EMS Division staffs our units with pride putting our Mission Statement “Patient Care First” into action. Today we are honored to have Tony Hayes and Justin Stover on duty. Tony serves as a Captain of EMS Operations in Education and serves Monongalia County with years of paramedic and leadership experience. Justin is a long-time EMT and although relatively new to our organization has already defined himself as a well respected provider and emerging leader of our organization. Thank you both for all you do.

John Hitchens, MBA, NRP, FACPE
Executive Director of EMS