August Top Responders

Top Responders for the month of August are:
Captain/EMT Ethan Bailey- 34 calls
Firefighter Justin Maggard and Duty Officer/EMT Jared Lamb- 26 calls
Firefighter Zach Karn- 21 calls
Duty Officer Brian Sites and Lieutenant Justin Knotts- 16 calls
Duty Officer Adam Thompson and Firefighter/EMT Jesse Hedrick- 15 calls
Firefighter/EMT Wendell Hofer and Lieutenant/EMT Sam Hannah and Chief Kris Osecky and Firefighter/Paramedic Josh Flesher- 14 calls

Top Responders for the year of 2016 are:
Duty Officer/EMT Jared Lamb- 260 calls
Lieutenant Justin Knotts- 193 calls
Chief Kris Osecky- 174 calls
Firefighter Jacob Peretin- 170 calls
Captain/EMT Ethan Bailey- 153 calls
Duty Officer Brian Sites- 152 calls
Lieutenant/EMT Sam Hannah and Firefighter Zach Karn- 150 calls
Firefighter Justin Maggard- 108 calls
Duty Officer/EMT Dennis Chaney- 107 calls
Captain/EMT Ryan Gillespie- 105 calls