“Hell Night” Training

Friday, 7/10/2015, over 30 of our officers and members participated in a training event that has been given the nickname “Hell Night.” This training event was designed to test how our members react to scenarios they know very little about, operate on very little sleep, and work together as a team. The event began on 7/10/2015 1900 hours and concluded on 7/11/2015 at 0530 hours.

In the first scenario, our members faced a mock house fire with entrapment. This fire resulted from a domestic disturbance, so our crews had to deal with a primary search, heavy fire conditions, and patients who were very agitated.

The next scenario was a vehicle accident with entrapment of 4 patients and ejection of a 5th. Crews had to remove doors and work together as a team to efficient extrication and provide effective medical care.

The final scenario was a missing person that resulted in a low angle rope rescue. In this event, crews had to establish search techniques, set up a low angle hauling system, and package a patient in a stokes for hauling.

There is no doubt that our department as a whole walked away from this event with a training plan for the remainder of the year.

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