7/9/2016: Structure Fire – Monongahela Avenue (Westover)

7/9/16: Company 20 was alerted 3rd due to assist companies 23 and 17 on Monongahela Avenue in Westover for a confirmed multi-story structure fire. First arriving units reported a working three story residential structure fire with noticeable fire in the basement. Upon arrival SCVFD units (Engine 201, Command 206 and Unit 202) were tasked by incident command to make forced entry/search of the structure and assist with secondary extinguishment of the fire. Luckily it was quickly determined that the structure was unoccupied and all efforts could be focused on containment and attack of the fire. With the coordinated efforts of all personnel on scene the fire was isolated to the basement and single room of the structure. Company 20 crews remained on scene to assist with salvage and overhaul until cleared by incident command to return to service.

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