5/19/17: Assist Star City PD

At 2223 hours on Friday, May 19, Company 20 was dispatched to assist Star City Police Department with traffic control in the area of Pleasant Hill Avenue and Leeway Street in the Town of Star City. Engine 201 and Unit 202 responded with a total of 5 personnel. Upon arrival to the scene, firefighters noted a damaged underground water main resulting in several hundred gallons of water per minute being released and traveling down Leeway Street. The fast moving water was damaging both infrastructure and businesses in the area. Firefighters moved bystanders and vehicles from the area while establishing a perimeter around the leak. Firefighters then utilized an estimated 1000 pounds of gravel, soil, and sandbags in conjunction with plastic sheeting to implement the hazardous materials techniques of diking and diversion. The water was able to be rerouted to the opposite side of the roadway where it was no longer a threat to businesses and infrastructure. Assistance was then provided to help with monitoring and cleanup in impacted businesses. Star City Street Department was able to stop flow of water to the damaged main and began repairs shortly thereafter. Company 20 units returned to service.

Star City VFD would like to thank the Star City Police Department, the Star City Street Department, and bystanders who assisted in this incident.

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