4/29/2020: Structure Fire – Chateau Royale Apartments

4/29/2020: Companies 20, 17, 23, and 13 were alerted for a structure fire at Chateau Royale Apartments. Units responded and upon arriving on scene found an unattended grill on the porch/balcony of an apartment which had begin to ignite the surrounding structure. Forcible entry was made into the source apartment due to no residents on scene and crews began fire attack and investigation for extension. Thankfully, due to observant neighboring residents emergency crews were called quickly and crews were able to achieve fire suppression with (2) 2 1/2 gallon water extinguishers. Mutual aid units were cleared from scene while Company 20 units ensured no further extension existed in source or surrounding apartments. After performing investigation and mild overhaul Company 20 units turned the scene over to the residents of the apartment and building management and returned to service.

A friendly reminder to never leave any fire or cooking appliance unattended. Kitchen, grill and other cooking fires are a leading cause of fire especially during Spring and Summer seasons. It is highly suggested that grilling not be done on porches or balconies especially those that are enclosed by a roof or other balcony. Many rental apartments, houses and townhouses specifically prohibit the practice due to the high incidence of accidental fire that exists.