3/30/16 – Fuel spill at Monongahela Blvd/Boyers Ave

 haz63/30/16: Company 20 was alerted to respond to the area of Monongahela Boulevard and Boyers Ave for ‘a fuel spill’. Engine 201 responded to the incident and while en route received scene updates that a commercial flatbed’s auxiliary/transfer diesel tank had been compromised during a hard stop at the intersection. Engine 201 arrived on scene, found a 50 gallon auxiliary diesel tank leaking fuel onto the roadway and began preliminary containment with the Engine’s available resources. After beginning preliminary containment of the spill Company 20 command activated responses for WVDOT, WV DEP, and Monongalia Hazardous Incident Response Team (H.I.R.T). Due to the close proximity to station and the need for immediate additional Hazmat containment materials, Engine 201 and DPO returned to station to retrieve Squad 203 while other Company 20 personnel remained on scene. Once Squad 203 arrived on scene additional containment efforts continued until H.I.R.T 241 arrived. Due to the quick response and efficient actions by Star City PD, Company 20, and Monongalia H.I.R.T no amounts of the estimated 30-40 gallons of diesel fuel reached the storm drains or Monongalia River. Monongahela Boulevard was restricted to one lane for approximately four hours during the incident.



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