Preventing Automobile Fires

Every year your fire department responds to a large number of automobile fires. Most of these fires could have been prevented if owners had invested a few minutes every couple of months.

If you would like to prevent an automobile fire in your car you and/or your gas station attendant should periodically check or perform the following maintenance items:

  • Steam clean the engine compartment at least every other year.
  • Watch for oil or gasoline leaks in the engine compartment.
  • Check all gasoline lines for loose fittings, cracked hoses, bent lines, or worn clamps at least yearly.
  • Ensuring that the air cleaner is replaced in its original position and is properly secured (lack of air cleaner is a common automobile fire cause).
  • Visually inspect the electrical system for broken or frayed wires and ensure that all wires are making a good connection. This should be done in both the engine and passenger compartments.
  • Never throw any burning material out of a window, as the wind may blow it back into the car.
  • Be extremely careful while smoking, or when using an open flame inside the vehicle.

Older Cars

The older a car gets, the greater the importance of maintenance. Remember, if you invest a few minutes of your time today in maintenance, tomorrow you may have prevented a car fire. In the long run, this investment will save you time, money, and a great deal of inconvenience.