Mountainfest – Day 1


Today, July 23, 2015, started day one of Mountainfest 2015 an annual motorcycle rally held at Mylan Park in Morgantown. Star City EMS was contracted to provide EMS coverage for the event and was staged and dispatched from ‘the hill’ overlooking the Mountainfest grounds. Other members of SCVFD provided fire coverage for the event and were staged and dispatched from the same location as SCEMS. Numerous SCVFD/SCEMS crews from Engine 201, Squad 203, Unit 206, Medic 21, Medic 27, Ambulance 29 as well as multiple ‘quick response’ ATVs remained on scene all day from 9am (before the event opened) to 11pm (when the event grounds closed).

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“Hell Night” Training

Friday, 7/10/2015, over 30 of our officers and members participated in a training event that has been given the nickname “Hell Night.” This training event was designed to test how our members react to scenarios they know very little about, operate on very little sleep, and work together as a team. The event began on 7/10/2015 1900 hours and concluded on 7/11/2015 at 0530 hours.

In the first scenario, our members faced a mock house fire with entrapment. This fire resulted from a domestic disturbance, so our crews had to deal with a primary search, heavy fire conditions, and patients who were very agitated.

The next scenario was a vehicle accident with entrapment of 4 patients and ejection of a 5th. Crews had to remove doors and work together as a team to efficient extrication and provide effective medical care.

The final scenario was a missing person that resulted in a low angle rope rescue. In this event, crews had to establish search techniques, set up a low angle hauling system, and package a patient in a stokes for hauling.

There is no doubt that our department as a whole walked away from this event with a training plan for the remainder of the year.

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MVC – Stewardstown Road


On 7/5/15 at 0244 hours Company 20 was alerted for a single vehicle MVC (negative injuries/entrapment) with power pole damage. Unit 202 responded to scene to assist MONEMS and Monongalia County Sheriff department with traffic control and hazard mitigation. Company 20 units remained on scene for approximately two hours while multiple MonPower units were dispatched to repair the extensive damage to the poles.

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MVC – Willowdale Road


On 7/4/15 at 1701 while staging for the Morgantown 4th of July parade Company 20 was alerted for a two vehicle head-on type collision on Willowdale Road near Stadium Drive. Squad 203 and Ambulance 21 responded from downtown to assist MONEMS and Monongalia County PD with the incident. Company 20 personnel assisted with patient care, vehicle stabilization, fluid removal, fire prevention and traffic control while PD investigated the incident. Needless to say Squad 203 and Ambulance 21 didn’t make the parade, but the volunteers of SCVFD remain ready to answer the call to action.

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June 2015 Stats


Stats are in for the month of June!

Crews from Co. 20 responded to a total of 102 calls for the month. Of those calls, 2 were working building fires, 5 were vehicle accidents with injuries, including 1 entrapment, and 4 were vehicle accidents with no injuries.

For the first half of 2015, crews have answered 661 calls total. Of those, 16 were working building fires, 27 were vehicle accidents with injuries, including 5 entrapments and 1 major HAZMAT incident with injury, and 40 were vehicle accidents with no injuries.

Top Responders for the month of June were:

FF Joe Bragg – 35 calls
Duty Officer Adam Thompson – 31 calls
Lieutenant Ethan Bailey – 29 calls
FF Brian Sites and Duty Officer Justin Knotts – 27 calls
FF Mike Singer – 26 calls

Top Responders for the first half of 2015 were:

Captain Ryan Gillespie – 230 calls
Duty Officer Justin Knotts – 186 calls
Lieutenant Ethan Bailey – 171 calls
Duty Officer Adam Thompson – 170 calls
FF Thomas Sites – 169 calls
Chief Kris Osecky and FF Brian Sites – 162 calls
FF Jacob Peretin – 149 calls
FF Wendell Hofer – 130 calls
Duty Officer Dennis Chaney – 120 calls
Probationary Firefighter Megan Rardon – 118 calls

Air Conservation Training

On Wednesday, June 24th, members participated in weekly training exercises. This week’s focus was on air management, and it was a valuable experience for new members who weren’t yet fully familiarized with air packs and air conservation. Participants wore full gear, including air packs, and played several rounds of dodgeball in the bay. The strenuous activity closely simulated physical requirements on the fire scene, and participants gained valuable knowledge on air conservation.

Cheat Lake Boating Accident

At approximately 2100 hrs, Medic 21 and Ambulance 29 were alerted to assist with a mass casualty incident on Cheat Lake. Mon EMS Captain 404 had EMS and advised a total of 12 patients for transport. Both units from SCEMS transported patients to Ruby Memorial Hospital. Other agencies operating on the scene included Mon EMS, JanCare, Marion County Rescue Squad, Cheat Lake VFD, Brookhaven VFD, Point Marion VFD (PA), HealthNet, Air Evac, Monongalia County Sheriffs Office, and the WV Natural Resources Police. This incident was mitigated very well and all crews returned to service without incident.

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Vehicle Fire – 05/24

At 11:18, Company 20 was alerted to assist Company 14 (Cheat Lake VFD) for a vehicle fire with exposures. Initial dispatch was for a vehicle fire, but further information from MECCA advised that they were receiving multiple calls and were advising that the house was beginning to catch fire. A full assignment was struck for Company 20, Company 12 (Brookhaven VFD), and Tanker 172 (Monongalia County Tanker). Engine 201 and Unit 202 went out with a crew of 6 total. 14-4 arrived on scene with a working vehicle fire with fire damage beginning on the side of the structure. Engine 141 and Engine 201 arrived on scene simultaneously and went to work. Engine 141 stretched a 1 1/2 attack line and began cooling the exposure while Engine 201’s crew went to work opening the vehicles engine compartment and dashboard in order to access the main body of fire. Fire suppression was completed. Engine 123 and Tanker 172 arrived on scene to assist.

Structure Fire – 05/23

On 05/23/2015 at 1230, Company 20 was alerted to assist Company 14 for a structure fire. Engine 201 and Unit 202 responded with a total crew of 4. Further information from MECCA advised that residents heard a loud pop and then noticed smoke coming from the wall. Engine 141 arrived on scene with light smoke showing and staged Engine 201 and Unit 202. A small fire was found inside the wall and was extinguished.