“Spring” Forest Fire Season Begins

Remember that WV “Spring” forest fire season begins today! Please follow all WV state laws when burning outdoors during this time.

Also keep in mind that materials illegal to burn at any time in WV include but are not limited to:

  • Household trash (burn barrels and/or piles) including paper products – such as cardboard, boxes, etc.
  • Construction, building, or demolition materials (examples: lumber, flooring, roofing material, carpet, plastic, styrofoam, etc.)
  • Wood pallets and other packaging materials
  • Tires or other rubber products
  • Asbestos-containing materials including building materials
  • Insulation from copper wire
  • Waste paints, waste oil, and/or solvents

If you have any questions regarding open burning contact the WV Division of Forestry at (304) 558-2788, visit the WV DIVISION OF FORESTRY WEBSITE, or contact your local fire department.

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SCVFD “Year in Review”

Star City Fire & EMS celebrated their annual Christmas Banquet last night and it was a huge success. Stay tuned for awards that were presented to your local fire and EMS providers.

Below is the link for the end of year presentation done by one of our own Zach Karn.

View our SCVFD Year end/Banquet Video

Special thanks to Zach Karn who spent countless hours putting the video together!

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8/12/2017: All-American Family Festival

8/12/2017: Star City Fire, EMS and PD participated in the “All-American Family Festival” located at the Star City Park. Families were able to enjoy character meet and greets, pony rides, games, crafts, face painting, an obstacle course, a rubber ducky race, bounce houses and of course tours of an ambulance, fire truck and police cruiser. All proceeds from the event benefited “The Shack” neighborhood house in Morgantown.

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8/3/2017: Vehicle Fire at Mapleshire


8/3/2017: Company 20 was dispatched to Mapleshire off Mon General Drive for reports of a vehicle on fire in the parking lot of the facility. Engine 209 responded from station and upon arrival found a well involved vehicle fire without immediate threats to exposures. E209’s 1 3/4″ bumper line was deployed, the fire was able to be extinguished quickly and all personal property of the owner was able to be recovered from the trunk of the vehicle. E209 remained on scene until the vehicle was able to be secured by towing personnel and then E209 cleared the scene and returned to service.

Visit our FIRE PREVENTION PAGE for tips to keep you and those you know safe including TIPS TO PREVENT CAR FIRES.

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8/1/2017: MVC on I-79 at 159mm


On 8/1/17, at approximately 1630 hours, Squad 203 and Chase 206 were alerted to respond to the area of the 159 mile marker, Interstate 79, in reference to a seven vehicle accident. Initial dispatch was multiple entrapment in multiple vehicles, several injuries and possible ejections. Resources were immediately requested from multiple departments in Monongalia County, Marion County, and Greene County, PA due to the severity of the call. First arriving crews from Mount Morris VFC, who had better access due to the incident being in the northbound lanes, advised that there were 5 cars involved, negative entrapments and only two patients for transport. This updated information allowed some responding resources to be returned to service per Command 20. Company 20 units remained on scene to provide traffic control for towing companies and fluid management and cleanup while Miller Environmental responded from their operations center. Thanks to the outstanding work by MECCA, Greene County dispatch, Fire, EMS, and PD the resources were all in place had this been a Mass Casualty Incident as first dispatched.

Star City Fire & EMS would like to thank Monongalia EMS, EMS Southwest, Marion County County Rescue Squad, JanCare EMS, Westover Volunteer Fire Department, Granville Volunteer Fire Department, Cassville Volunteer Fire Department, Mount Morris Volunteer Fire Company, Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department, and Miller Environmental for an excellent response to this incident.

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7/24/2017: Touch a Truck at Chick-fil-A

On 7/24/17, Star City Fire & EMS participated in Touch-A-Truck at Chick-fil-A on Patteson Drive. Engine 209, staffed with Captain Ryan Gillespie, FF Andrew Ross, FF Justin Maggard, and FF Kameron Freeman, and Ambulance 27 staffed with FF/EMT John Thorne and EMT Gus Shaffer were on hand for the event. Children of various ages enjoyed the fire truck, ambulance, and many other apparatus on site, including HealthNet Aeromedical Services, Morgantown Police Department, and the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department.


Star City Fire & EMS would like to extend a big thank you to Chick-fil-A for inviting us to attend!

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7/22/2017: Operation Dawson Storm MCI Drill

On 7/22/17 Star City Fire & EMS participated in Operation Dawson Storm at the WVU Police Department. Star City EMS assisted Mon EMS with patient transport in an MCI situation and Star City Engine 201 provided water supply to the Monongalia County HAZMAT for decontamination of patients and responders. Our members thoroughly enjoyed participating in the drill and look forward to working with other agencies to continue our training and preparedness to better serve our community.

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6/30/17: Structure Fire – Old Cheat Road

6/30/17: At 0209 Company 20 was alerted for a confirmed structure fire on Old Cheat Road. Engine 201 responded with 4 members followed closely by Unit 202 with 2 members and was given initial size-up of a confirmed mobile home fire which was endangering an apartment building 15-20 feet from the involved structure. Engine 201 arrived on scene, 20-1 established command and confirmed a fully involved trailer with exposure to an apartment building and possibility of power line hazards, and placed (1) 1 3/4″ attack line in place for initial fire attack. Engine 123, Tanker 172 and Unit 202 arrived soon after Engine 201 and began various fire attack, water supply and exposure protection tasks. Due to the continued danger to the exposure, 20-1 then called for additional manpower and two (2) additional tankers for water supply (Co. 15 and Co. 16).  Although the fire building ending up being a total loss, the quick and efficient actions of all units on scene resulted in only minimal siding damage and loss of one window to the exposure building.

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6/15/17: MVC with Hazmat (I-68 at the Cheat Lake Bridge)

6/15/2017: Company 20 was alerted to assist Co. 14, Co.12 and Co.24 on scene of a MVC involving a tractor trailer with fuel leak. E-201 responded and upon arrival was tasked by incident command with traffic control and to assist with fluid mitigation to prevent fuel and fluids from entering Cheat Lake. While on scene E-201 was also dispatched and responded for a reported structure fire (found to be a malfunctioning HVAC unit) and responded at special request by Command 14 for a reported choking. After clearing the two additional calls E-201 returned to I-68 to further assist with that incident until the tractor trailer could be cleared from the roadway and then returned to service.

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