CPR/First Aid: Day 1

What a great day we had here at Star City Fire and EMS! EMS Captain Jamie Murray was able to certify 14 people in the lifesaving skills of CPR and First Aid. We are very proud of this accomplishment by Jamie and hope to be able to certify more people on our second day. Would YOU like to learn the lifesaving skills of CPR and First Aid? Join us at station this Thursday May 25th for our second day as we offer FREE TRAINING CLASSES at 9am, 1pm or 4pm.


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5/19/17: Assist Star City PD

At 2223 hours on Friday, May 19, Company 20 was dispatched to assist Star City Police Department with traffic control in the area of Pleasant Hill Avenue and Leeway Street in the Town of Star City. Engine 201 and Unit 202 responded with a total of 5 personnel. Upon arrival to the scene, firefighters noted a damaged underground water main resulting in several hundred gallons of water per minute being released and traveling down Leeway Street. The fast moving water was damaging both infrastructure and businesses in the area. Firefighters moved bystanders and vehicles from the area while establishing a perimeter around the leak. Firefighters then utilized an estimated 1000 pounds of gravel, soil, and sandbags in conjunction with plastic sheeting to implement the hazardous materials techniques of diking and diversion. The water was able to be rerouted to the opposite side of the roadway where it was no longer a threat to businesses and infrastructure. Assistance was then provided to help with monitoring and cleanup in impacted businesses. Star City Street Department was able to stop flow of water to the damaged main and began repairs shortly thereafter. Company 20 units returned to service.

Star City VFD would like to thank the Star City Police Department, the Star City Street Department, and bystanders who assisted in this incident.

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Welcome Dr. Katie Hill

Star City Fire & EMS would like to welcome Dr. Katie Hill as our new Medical Director. We look forward to working with Dr. Hill as we move our fire medical response and EMS Division forward.

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EMS week festivities

EMS Week is coming SOON! 

May 21 – May 27 is National EMS Week recognizing EMS providers across the nation.  This year for EMS Week the Star City Fire Department and its EMS Division would like to give something special back to our community, the gift of life.  The Star City Fire Department will be providing FREE CPR classes on May 22nd and May 25th during EMS Week at 9am, 1pm, and 4pm each day in honor of EMS Week.  Just come to the department 10 minutes prior to any start time for registration and our staff of instructors will certify you in CPR and First Aid at no charge after completing the class.  You will also get to meet your dedicated citizen volunteer firefighters and the staff of the EMS Division while learning the lifesaving skills of CPR and First Aid.  If you have any questions feel free to call the station and we will be happy to answer your questions!


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Lotto Raffle

The Star City Volunteer Fire Department is selling “Lotto Raffle” tickets for a fundraiser to occur during the month of July. Each ticket is a $5.00 donation and gives you 26 chances to win!! The daily winner is based on the WV Lottery “Daily 3” each day the numbers are drawn. To get your ticket(s) see any SCVFD member, stop by the station, send us a message via FACEBOOK or call the station at (304) 599-1539. Thank you for supporting your citizen volunteers of Star City Volunteer Fire Department.

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4/22/17: MVC I-79 S @ MM 159

4/22/2017: Company 20 was alerted for a two vehicle (truck vs. tractor trailer) high speed MVC on I-79 South in the area of the 159 mile marker. Engine 209, Squad 203 and Medic 21 responded to scene and upon arrival found both vehicles still in the roadway with heavy front end damage to the truck. Despite the substantial damage to the truck the occupant was able to removed without extrication and both the truck and semi driver refused transport via EMS. Company 20 units remained on scene providing traffic control and fluid management until the vehicles could be removed from the roadway and then returned to service.

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4/14/2017: If you’re driving by our station today make sure you give a honk to help us celebrate Pierce’s birthday…It’s a nice day so he will probably be outside on the pad enjoying the weather. Happy birthday to our longest serving live in member!!

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3/18/17: MVC at Chaplin Road and Exit 155

3/18/17: Company 20 was dispatched to a two vehicle side impact collision on Chaplin Road and the southbound 155 mile marker intersection. Squad 203 and Medic 29 responded to the incident along with MonEMS 74 and 76 and West Virginia State Police. Upon arrival crews found a two vehicle side impact collision with moderate damage to the vehicles and occupants still in the vehicles. No extrication was needed to access patients and so crews from all responding agencies proceeded to set up traffic control, stabilize and package three patients for transport, provide scene shielding/safety, and mitigate fluids leaking onto the roadway. After PD and EMS cleared from scene Squad 203 continued providing traffic control and scene safety/shielding until the cars could be removed from the roadway and then returned to service.

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3/13/17: MVC with rollover (I-79N @ mm 160)


3/13/17: Company 20 was alerted for a high speed, single vehicle MVC with rollover in the area of mile marker 159 on I-79N. Squad 203, Unit 202 and Medic 29 responded to the incident and upon arrival found one vehicle off the roadway on its top, but single occupant out of the vehicle. Due to confusion by motorists unfamiliar with the area and the incident being in such close proximity to the WV/PA state line our Pennsylvanian mutual aid department (Mount Morris Co. 18) received the call first and were on scene prior to Co. 20 units working with EMS to stabilize the occupant for transport. Company 20 provided incident shielding and traffic control until Mon EMS transported the patient to Ruby Memorial and the vehicle was able to be removed from scene.

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3/4/17: MVC with rollover on West Run Road

3/4/17: Company 20 was dispatched for a reported MVC with rollover on West Run Road near Stewartstown Road. A Monongalia County Sheriff’s department unit who was in the area and arrived first on scene reported a single SUV on its roof and over an embankment with no one in or around the vehicle. Squad 203 responded and upon arriving on scene completed a secondary search with MON EMS and Mon County SD to ensure that there was no victim(s) at the incident. Squad 203’s crew then performed traffic control and scene lighting for towing personnel during the extensive vehicle recovery before returning to service.

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